Crowdsourcing Archaeology – The Maeander Project Kickstarter Page!

After months of waiting, we received very short notice that we had indeed received a permit to conduct an archaeological survey in southwestern Turkey. Sadly we did not receive all of the funding that we had hoped–it is difficult to fund a project before you have a permit, and to get a permit before you fund a project. The fledgling project had taken flight, the Maeander Project is a go.

Obviously we still had to figure out a way to make up the missing money somehow, or else we would have to miss this valuable opportunity. I’d seen various projects funded by Kickstarter before, and even signed up for it last year, but after the urging of several of my friends I decided to try it out. Kickstarter is primarily for creative projects, but what is my work but creative? I might as well use this aspect of my research in a productive fashion. So, the Kickstarter page:

While $5000 does not cover all of our costs, it would help a great deal. Also, if we are unable to raise this amount of money in a month, we do not receive ANY of it!

So please, if you can, throw a couple of dollars our way. If you can’t (and I completely understand!) then please help us by getting the word out about this project.


6 responses to “Crowdsourcing Archaeology – The Maeander Project Kickstarter Page!

  1. Hey Colleen

    Looks like a v. cool project! What sort of things are you going to be doing in terms of innovation in the digital sphere?

    I really like the idea of the kickstarter project, although I think its more crowd-funding/micropatronage then crowd-sourcing – unless you are getting people to work on the project remotely too (that would be cool!)

    Good luck with it all and am looking forward to hearing more!

  2. Hi there…

    Just wanted to let you know that this post is featured in this week’s Four Stone Hearth blog carnival:

    You don’t have to link to the carnival, but it’d helpful if you could.


    Sam Wise

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