Gold Hill, Colorado

Gold Hill is a community formed around the first gold strike in Colorado, a strike that precipitated the 1859 Colorado gold rush. Earlier this year the Four Mile Canyon wildfire destroyed many surrounding homes, and swept across the historic Gold Hill cemetery. I visited last weekend while I was hanging out with my folks. I’m generally ambivalent about taking photos in cemeteries, but I liked the few that I managed to take in the misty rain.

And a gothy one of myself:


4 responses to “Gold Hill, Colorado

  1. What kind of damage did the fire do? Or was the greater damage from erosion or water?

    • Some of the cemetery had already been cleaned up, but it looked like it burned most of the wooden fences/structures clean to the ground. Some of the stones were scorched, but they survived. A lot of the “grave goods” had been burned and you could seen puddles of plastic flower pots around. There were lots of tree fall pits that hadn’t been filled in yet. There was a lot of erosion damage, but it was hard to tell if it was all fire-related. I’d honestly be pretty surprised if there was much left under the ground, as the area gets a lot of cold/warm transitions and snow melt.

  2. Are you here? In Colorado? Would love to hear from you – my daughter would absolutely love to meet you, as you know she is my aspiring archaeologist!!!

  3. Very Cool Middle Savagery Halloween edition. love this site

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