Blogging Archaeology – Update!

This week has been big for me in the blogging world! First, I am chuffed to make Archaeology Magazine’s list of Top 5 Archaeology Bloggers:

Welcome to everyone who has followed their link to this blog–I’m currently working at Tall Dhiban in Jordan and hope to have more updates about the archaeology in the very near future.

Also, the much esteemed Kris Hirst of Archaeology at has agreed to be the discussant for the Blogging Archaeology session at the Society for American Archaeology in 2011. There’s more information on the session here:

I should have an updated abstract soon.


5 responses to “Blogging Archaeology – Update!

  1. You deserve the top 5 ranking for sure. Nice work.

  2. Note that you did not just make the top five, but you were ranked number one! Congrats!

  3. I didn’t realize there were as many individuals who blog about archaeology as there are. Congrats though! I am an archaeologist myself, I am glad to see people venture out and use technology to spread information on the discipline. :D

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