Notes on being hopelessly lost in the Syrian Desert

* No matter what, Homs will be signposted. This will not be helpful.

* Maps vary wildly in accuracy.  There are no accurate maps.

* These maps mean nothing to locals. That said, always ask directions from the dudes sitting down in front of the local stores. They know what’s up.

* There are no gas stations. If you find a gas station, it won’t have any gas.

* If you don’t bring a compass, you will not know what direction you are headed for 2-3 hours in the middle of the day.

* If you see Bedouin settlement camps, you’ve probably gone the wrong way.

* If these camps are abandoned, start to panic.

* If you ask for directions to Damascus, half of the time the person will ask to go with you. The other half of the time they will invite you for tea.

* You probably will not find the archaeological site. Sorry.

* Never follow a wadi.

Life lessons, y’all.


3 responses to “Notes on being hopelessly lost in the Syrian Desert

  1. mopokefashion

    HA! I can definately relate to that!
    Also to note: you will probably have more chance of asking a camel for directions…

  2. Ah, this brings back memories. I left Apamea early one morning heading for Homs. There were not even mistaken signs on the way and no fork in the road even boasted a shepherd (not that that would have helped, as you say). As night fell, I was in Tartus. Nice place, Tartus.

  3. Sheesh! I hope things are going ok over there!

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