Ask me, ask me, ask me

So on Monday I told one of my bootcamp instructors how we can tell archaeologically when people moved from squatting most of the time to sitting down on things from the bone remodeling in our legs.  This was after we did about a thousand squats, so I was wondering if it was more than just my bones aching.  Anyway, she seemed rather nonplussed by it–people sometimes don’t react well to my absolutely nerdy and abstruse non sequiturs, but today she came back with a bunch of questions for me, many of which I couldn’t really answer because I’m not a bioarchaeologist.  I’ll get back to her…or suffer the consequences in the form of another thousand squats, I’m afraid.

To broaden the conversation, I thought I’d start a formspring page:

There’s also a way to do it on Tumblr:

Can’t promise that I’ll answer everything, but I’ll do my best!  Now if I could only get outreach credit for it…!


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