Flannery vs. the Skeptical Graduate Student

Our third assignment for Ruth’s class is to make something multimedia and funny.  This is a first attempt, using the SGS text from Flannery’s classic The Early Mesoamerican Village. I’m not sure it translates.


5 responses to “Flannery vs. the Skeptical Graduate Student

  1. Nope. Some things are best left as the written word!

  2. I’ve been reading Binford…………

  3. Whoa, a bit creepy.

  4. Of course, after he fed them he carefully documeted the dispersal of the bradcrumbs and the dposits of fish bones…

    Love it! :D
    (I think I’ve met that grad student)

  5. LOVE!!!! I think I need to re-read that book now.

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