The Virtual World of Çatalhöyük (Turkey): Okapi Island in Second Life

This is the talk that Ruth and I are giving this Wednesday here in the department.  It will mostly be an overview with some machinima added in and bits from my Archaeologies paper.

If you happen to be in the Bay Area, come and bring your lunch!


6 responses to “The Virtual World of Çatalhöyük (Turkey): Okapi Island in Second Life

  1. Awww, man, that poster is weak-sauce.

    Just kidding, I rather like it.

  2. You didn’t point out my kerning failure!

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  5. Dear Colleen
    I have started to search for prehistoric calendars whenever I could find them.Actually I am looking for artifacts made of marble/ceramic or drawings on the walls in caves (as in Lasceau caves in France) or rock-carvings (as at Knowth and Newgrange in Ireland).
    I consider the excavation at Catalhoyuk very important by itself and for myself as far as prehistoric calendars are concerned.I am looking for articrafts cyclical or rectagular, the former as the old discs of telephones with 7-15 holes in the periphery.

    I need Bibliography for Catalhoyuk and your knowledge for the shape of the above artifacts.
    If you need any information on greek museums I help you a lot.

  6. I “personally” find it Very INTERESTING that Catahuyuk has ALOT of similarity to the “HOPI” natives in the 4 corners SW Americas. They even have a place called moenkopi…kopi or(Khopi mound) on the 3 mesa’s. Ironically they have KIVAS, and building techniques were the exact SAME!…CHECK IT. THEY ARE THE “SAME PEOPLES”.

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