Neue Grafik Archaeologie

My friend and fellow UC Berkeley grad Tom Sapienza made these “cover remixes” and I asked if I could share them on my blog. There is a heavy Berkeley representation among these, unsurprisingly.

My absolute favorite:

A few more:


3 responses to “Neue Grafik Archaeologie

  1. Can I love everything about these except lack of font variety?

  2. John, thanks, and I understand your complaint about the font. In the (total) series I used primarily Helvetica Neue and Akzidenz Grotesk, as these are the two primary fonts of the Swiss Style, and are so evocative. But a bit boring, I suppose. I experimented with Futura to no success.

    You raise a good point, though, and I’ll need to hunt down some new and good sans serif typefaces.

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