Fickle Academia


I asked my friend Darren (who is finishing up his PhD and just got accepted to law school!) to assist me with a rather silly idea that I had, inspired by this Norman Rockwell painting:

The idea was that I’d learn to use the professional lighting rig that OKAPI owns, but I know nothing about light design and just went with the natural light inside the archaeology building.  The background isn’t perfect, but we had a pretty good time, and Darren was game.


7 responses to “Fickle Academia

  1. Reminds me of Rob Dobi’s take on that painting:

  2. A: awesome.
    B: you could have been extra cheeky nerdy and had Derrida on there. Under duress, of course.

  3. Like it. It could be the banner pick for any number of Intro Grad Seminar – my own in History included.

  4. This is hilarious! Suggests a whole series of possibilities.

  5. So very nerdy-cute.

  6. Came it well….I wonder if Darren enjoyed flexing his theoretical muscles for the photo!

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