Archaeology in Action, Another Update

Let’s see what we can see from the Flickr group, Archaeology in Action!

SUT-027 Headland Excavation 2004

This is the photo that inspired the post, honestly.  Crazy cliff-hanging action from Buzz Hoffman, digging in the Aniakchak National Monument in Alaska.  He has plenty of other lovely photos of this midden that is eroding out from the cliff.  Be sure to check them out.

Wenhaston, Suffolk April 2009

Very urbane and clean-cut archaeology from our English friends in Suffolk, digging a Roman enclosure.  Sure, dig in squares. Just make them REALLY BIG!

a square of blue

Speaking of squares, here’s a nice shot from an excavation at Kouphovouno in Greece.  Apparently, it’s the most important Neolithic site in Laconia!

Spanish Beads

Finally, a special shot for my friend Jason, who loves really big scales!  These are Spanish beads from an excavation in Florida.

Please submit your field photos to Archaeology in Action, don’t just put them up on Facebook.


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