Stanford TAG 2009

While I won’t be presenting (on the advice of my most sage and beloved advisor, I’ve been trying to publish instead of presenting at conferences all the time), I’ll be attending the Stanford TAG this weekend.  TAG stands for the ‘Theoretical Archaeology Group,’ a conference that is traditionally in the United Kingdom, but has been brought to the States by…well…people who like conferences, I guess.  Besides, how could all that theory stay cooped up on that little island?

Anyway, several of the papers look pretty interesting.  Here are just a few that I’m looking forward to:

Cuts, Dissections, and Holes: Consequences of Breaking the Surface
Douglass Bailey (San Francisco State University)

Cyber-archaeology: theoretical overview and virtual embodiment
Maurizio Forte & Nicolò Dell’Unto (University of California: Merced)

No More Figurines: Questioning Homologies Between Present and Past
Rosemary Joyce (University of California: Berkeley)

An Archaeology of the Aesthetic: Examination of the Güzel Taş from Fistikli Höyük
Jayme L. Job (State University of New York, Binghamton)

Snapshots of History and the Nature of the Archaeological Image
Travis Parno (Boston University)

Pyramids and Palimpsests. Object, Event and Assemblage in the Archaeological Record
Gavin Lucas (University of Iceland)

Symmetry in the archaeology of technology: microscopic points of departure
Krysta Ryzewski (Brown University)

Archaeological prostheses and media ecologies
Timothy Webmoor (Oxford University)

I’ll try to give my run-down of the sessions that I attend in a post next week, but I’ll also be live-tweeting from the conference, where I expect my colleagues to scowl at me while I’m rudely tapping away at my cellphone while presenters diligently flip through their powerpoints and read from their papers.  Anyway, if you’d like to follow along, my twitter feed is here:


3 responses to “Stanford TAG 2009

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  2. Dear Colleen, I was delighted you (and Ruth) felt enthusiastic about my presentation to TAG 2009. As described the Hampi projects were developed in two stages and the video you show is from PLACE-Hampi. Please be assured this system does not cost millions! It is a very cost effective system. The more costly undertaking is in the Advanced Visualization Interaction Environment (AVIE) for Hampi-LIVE. It is a 360 dergee sterescopic cylinder (12m dia x 4.5m high) complete with camera tracking and 24 channel sound. Great tools for embodied kinaesthetic inhabitation and interpretive archaeology. We have a number of other large scale immersive systems. I hope to present them all at a future TAG as there appears to be an appetite!

    Many thanks and regards to Ruth.


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