Lego Archaeology Field Report (Part 2)

Test Pit

Test Pit

While looking for photos of Tell Hassuna (of all things!) I came across this fab set of photos from Carly Whelan, featuring archaeologists hard at work in Legoland.

Cleaning up the profile

Cleaning up the profile

Yes, I often wear a white cowboy hat and red lipstick to the field.  Yup.

I can clearly see it, cant you?

I can clearly see it, can't you?


Burial violating the spirit of LAGPRA

Burial "violating the spirit of LAGPRA"

Hi-tech gadgetry?  Complicated illustrations?  Second Life?  Just give me some legos!

(Continued from part one)


3 responses to “Lego Archaeology Field Report (Part 2)

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  3. haha, this is so cool!

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