AAA Photo Contest and BAJR Website Guide

Just a couple of neat announcements today – the AAA posted the winners of their 2008 photo contest to their flickr account. Ruben Mendoza, a professor at CSU Monterey Bay came in third with his lovely and inventive shots of artifacts.

I am going to pester the AAA about adding Creative Commons licensing to their photos when possible. It’s annoying to have to feature these small, low-rez photos and they’re totally unusable if you don’t use flickr’s “blog feature” or do an illicit photo scrape by taking a screenshot of the page. We’ll see how successful I am in convincing them.

In other news, BAJR’s guide to website building came out the other day, with some tips about how to better inform the public about your dig. I’m pretty chuffed that they decided to include a bit about Burning Catalhoyuk on Second Life. Check it out!


3 responses to “AAA Photo Contest and BAJR Website Guide

  1. The copyright of the pictures in the Flickr gallery is not with the AAA, it’s with the original authors — and they didn’t give us the explicit choice to license the photos under a CC license or something. Authors of the finalist photos have signed a ‘nonexclusive license for online content’ and are free to license their stuff in whichever way they please. As a matter of fact, I have published my submissions to the contest under a CC-BY-NC-3.0 license on my blog.

  2. Good post but plz clear how to let many peoples know about my dig?

  3. Great idea this, here we learn about very well features. What you wrote is great advice any way that you look at it.

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