Consider it Burned.


I’m happy to report that the Burning Çatalhöyük was considered a success! We soldiered on despite considerable language and technology barriers, including a point where Karl Harrison was trying to speak about the buildings and was completely frozen.  We had a lot of visitors throughout the day, and about 30 for the main event, with numbers dropping off as it got later in the day in the rest of the world.  The exhibit will remain up at least through January, and you can still visit by downloading the Second Life software and loading this URL:

The day of the event I managed to upload a video of Michael House and Karl Harrison discussing the burning of Building 77,  which you can view on the large screen in-world, but  can also view on vimeo, linked above.

I’m so happy that people took a bit of time out of their day to come check out the burn.  Kris Hirst from had an insightful review:

Declan over at the Moore Groups Blog also visited, in larger-than-life-size form!

I would like to ask that if you participated in Burning Çatalhöyük, or if you have since viewed the reconstruction on Okapi island, that you take this poll:

Finally, I would like to thank the following for their help with Burning Çatalhöyük.  I couldn’t have done it without you! In no particular order:

Noah Wittman
Karl Harrison
Michael House
Lizzy Ha
Ruth Tringham
Jason Quinlan
Michael Ashley
Niema Razavian
The DeCal Students!
Dan E.
Burcu Tung
Daniel Bracewell


2 responses to “Consider it Burned.

  1. Congratulations on the success of ‘Burning Çatalhöyük’ Colleen!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of the site. It was a great example of what can be acheived using SecondLife as a tool for Archaeology and Education in general.

    Though the event ran for over 2 hours there was never a dull moment.

    The dancing at the end of the night (even though it was mid morning for me in Australia) topped off the tour perfectly and was a lot of fun.

    Thank you!

    Vincent (a.k.a. Bennu).

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