New Kit!


I’m always on the lookout for new additions to my archaeology kit bag, and I got these from 99 Ranch, a local Asian supermarket.  The ruler is particularly exciting, as it makes a great ratcheting noise when opening and has holes so you can mark precisely at each centimeter.  I did a lot of drawing this summer, but didn’t bring any of my own supplies so I was using the side of a plastic compass for a straight-edge, which was wholly unsatisfying.

And they’re pink with horrible pandas, which will surely bring groans from fellow archaeologists.  Yaaay! All of this for about $3.  Not bad.


2 responses to “New Kit!

  1. Awesome, and sure to bring groans. And for a buck, if you lose something or it breaks, oh well, it was just a buck! Not like a $25 Stanley tape measure.

  2. Fantastic! Everyone should have one of those… I picked up a folding wooden tape measure once, at a market in Rome. Turned out to be useless for just about everything – except for inter-trench light sabre wars.

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