Lightwriting at Stonehenge

I’m in Austin for a brief weekend to attend a wedding and recharge my sorely depleted reserves.  I die a little bit each time I leave Texas, but that’s for a different kind of blog entry in a different kind of blog.  Anyway, the wedding was at a country club near Georgetown, and it was nice and dark out there, with fireflies flitting in and out of the gnarled live oak branches.  Never mind the ridiculous green grass lawn in a countryside that was never meant for more than parched scrub and weathered limestone.  I was waiting out the festivities and picked up a National Geographic, where I was struck by this image:

Faithful readers may remember my desire to experiment with lightwriting, here:

It’s nice to see that I’m in good company!

Now it’s time to go to my favorite swimmin’ hole in the whole wide world, Hamilton Pool:

Wish you were here!


5 responses to “Lightwriting at Stonehenge

  1. Wow – Where is that?

  2. Ach, my soul aches for Hamilton Pool. Good for y’all. That’s a beautiful photo, composited?

  3. It’s not my photo. Hamilton Pool was truly lovely, though a little more polluted than I’ve seen it. We stayed long enough for me to have weird burnt blotches. Spray-on sunscreen = never again.

    Hamilton Pool is near Austin, TX.

  4. I forgot to tell you on the phone, but I think if you google, there was some pretty serious silt pollution problems with some construction upstream from Hamilton Pool within the last few months (but maybe as late as last year).

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