Embedded Interpretation pt. II


I posted on the Presidio class blog about how to construct your own memory map/interpretation. It works on the One Laptop Per Child laptops as well!

Here’s the link:


PS: If anyone can help me debug Mbedr, it would be much appreciated.


2 responses to “Embedded Interpretation pt. II

  1. Fusing Flickr and Google maps to create collaborative maps of the intangible is a simple, accessible and elegant approach. Nice!

    This is really interesting work and has got my brain whirring. I think some hacking is in order …

  2. Sorry. I posted the last comment before finishing my thought. I was thinking about experimenting with the Google maps API to build a dedicated collaborative memory map application. If I find the time I might look into this.

    Anyway, I what really wanted to say that I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks!

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