Egypt Lantern Slides

The Brooklyn Museum has been uploading their lantern slide collection in high resolution to flickr; the latest batch is from Egypt, taken in 1900.

I have no particular obsession with Egyptology, but these photos are gorgeous.  Kudos to the Brooklyn Museum for sharing them.


5 responses to “Egypt Lantern Slides

  1. Wondering if you have seen these:

    Still sort of in awe anytime I wander through that site

  2. Beautiful photos indeed! These photographs show a connection between the past and the present that makes it unavoidable to see this photographs as fine works of art.

  3. Thanks for posting (and letting us know via Flickr)!

  4. Hey Nick! Long time, no talk! The LOC ain’t bad.

    Thanks for the comments, Ben & Shelley!

  5. colleenmorgan, it aint from the LOC. thank you i move on to more random webpages now

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