Some Dark Holler

The first summer, they lived in a tent while Archie worked on a small cabin.  It took him a month of rounding up stray cows for Bunk Peck before he could afford two glass windows.  The cabin was snug, built with eight-foot squared-off logs tenoned on the ends and dropped into mortised uprights, a size Archie could handle himself, with a little help from their only neighbor, Tom Ackler, a sun-dried prospector with a summer shack up the mountain.  They chinked the cabin with heavy yellow clay.  One day, Archie dragged a huge flat stone to the house for a doorstep.  It was pleasant to sit in the cool of the evening with their feet on the great stone and watch the deer come down to drink and, just before darkness, see the herons flying upstream, their color matching the sky so closely they might have been eyes of wind.

From Them Old Cowboy Songs, by Anne Proulx

(Poems, prose and comics that remind me of archaeology, pt 8)


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