Cheer Up, Blue Valentine

Here’s a bit of light-hearted entertainment for those suffering from the blues on Valentine’s Day…or the rest of us who are just motoring through the semester:

The new Indiana Jones trailer:

The 10,000 BC(E) trailer:

A good reason to keep your contexts clear, reported by the Moore Group:

And a bit of humor in the lolcats genre:
I'm in ur


7 responses to “Cheer Up, Blue Valentine

  1. speaking of Indiana Jones and Valentine’s Day:

    The new Indy trailer looks cool, but I kind of worried that it doesn’t have Nazis as the villains, that was one thing that made the two good Indiana Jones movies work so well.

  2. oops, wordpress doesn’t allow embedded images in the comments, here’s a link to the picture that should have been included:

    You Stole My Heart, Valentine

  3. Yeah, I don’t think the new trailer looks very interesting either. The 10,000 BC trailer just looks completely crazy.

    That’s an awesome valentine!

  4. Poor Tina has had to hear me rant about 10,000 BC every time we see the trailer…

  5. I suspect that 10000 BC will be a fun movie to watch if you can put aside any hope for historical accuracy. And I like the Indy trailer, but I liked all three movies for the most part.

  6. Hmmm, the Indy movie is looking suspiciously like the second one in the series (which would not make it very good) … although all of the trailer looked like a rehash of the truck chase from the first film.

    That’s not going to stop me going to see it, though!

  7. I’m pretty much required to see it–we’re teaching media literacy as part of our Introduction to Archaeology class so we’ll probably have a panel on it.

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