I find these equal parts hilarious, obnoxious, and oddly compelling. I could wear them both at the same time! At a conference!

If only they had a “post-futurist” necklace, I’d be set. If only all archaeologists would so kindly wear their theoretical inclinations and aspirations around their necks. What would your necklace say? Hmm?


4 responses to “Decisions….

  1. I dunno…do you think “mercenary corporate shill” is too long to fit?

  2. “I’m not paid to think”
    “Still refining seriation”

  3. Aw, but those aren’t aspirations or inclinations!

  4. I should’ve added “Pre-processualist”


    T-shirt I’ll be making in May?
    “I’m a MF’n Master”

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