Presidio Comics

More Presidio education comics posted. I’m not sure about the last one–should I just leave the thought balloons blank?

Click to enlarge the prints; there are four in all.


PS: I did not actually participate in this dig and am slightly baffled by the methodology, but that’s neither here nor there.


3 responses to “Presidio Comics

  1. I really like this stuff.

    I’d leave the balloons with the words. Maybe a map of the area too? That is, unless your audience will necessarily be able to place the northwestern-most part of the peninsula.

  2. I like it, too, but what’s the image for “the Spanish and the Mexicans”? Everybody else has got a face and they’ve got…a green thing with some writing on it.

  3. archaeomom – It is part of a package deal for a field trip to the Presidio of San Francisco, so they should know where it is in theory…but it’s a good idea nonetheless.

    Sara – It was mostly to break things up visually, and my pictures of the WPA mural for the Spanish and Mexicans didn’t turn out! The picture is of a cannon, but I’ll see if I can either swap it out or make it more legible.

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