Rules for Designing User Experience + Make Art Not Content

Two great 5 minute lectures from the Seattle Ignite series:

Mortality & User Experience

1. We have a finite amount of time on Earth

2. Life is full of cool things to experience

3. There are things that needlessly take time and energy away from us

4. If you design anything, be mindful of this at all times

5. We need more experiences that return time to us

And Make Art Not Content:

As I’m dealing with “designing user experiences” right now, I found both of these 5 minute lectures pretty inspiring. Too often I find that archaeologists make islands–content-rich websites that sit, all alone in the world. I’ve advocated for integrating with social networking sites and using existing structures to “sneak” archaeology into a more familiar, everyday venue, but am I just producing “content” for these big media conglomerates that so thoughtfully provide space for my interpretive exercises? What’s the alternative?



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